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Lady in Waiting:

$350.00 + Parking. While your planner is setting up for your wedding at the venue(s) for your wedding needs, this is the gal who is waiting on your needs:  who is there to steam the dresses , get you a drink when parched, picks up lunch, sews a button or 100, keeps you and your maids on the timeline, fans you when your sweating during photos, puts your bags in the shuttle, holds your train as you get in the limo…the girl who is waiting on your hand and foot all day while your EED planner is where she needs to be setting up your beautiful wedding!  Eight hours of pre-reception, usually arrives with hair & makeup and leaves at Cocktail Hour.


Gentleman’s Butler:

$350.00 + Parking. This is a Lady in Waiting for the Groom: While your planner is setting up for your wedding at the venue(s) for your wedding needs, and the girls have their Lady in Waiting, this is for the guy who wants to be waiting on hand and foot as well. Shine your shoes, steam your shirt, run and get the ring from the jeweler you forgot, sews a button or 100, keeps you and your guys on the EED timeline so you do not have to worry about having it, puts your bags in the shuttle, and more. Eight hours of pre-reception, usually leaves at Cocktail Hour.


Weekend Events : Planning of

$1,000.00 per event. Rehearsal Dinner, Welcome Cocktail or Farewell Brunch. Providing you with venue options for your budget, guest count and style along with assisting in the menu, rentals, centerpieces, and light décor options.  Please note: Less intimate affairs with production, tenting, or a complicated set up will add a 10% production fee.  

Weekend Events : Day of Coordination

$600.00 per event. Rehearsal Dinner, Welcome Cocktail or Farewell Brunch.  Includes putting together a timeline for your event as well as 2 hours of coordination: directing the staff, alerting speakers for their toasts, and making sure everything goes as planned.  If the wedding day is the next day, keep in mind our day is much longer than yours, so we ask to leave at a respectable hour or have our assistant take over for rental pick up, etc.   Please note: Less intimate affairs with production, tenting, or a complicated set up will require extra labor & fees.  


Set Up & Extra Labor | Hotel Bag assembly

$300.00 per staff member needed, per 6 hours. With all of our packages, each planner has countless items to accomplish on her own checklist to ensure your wedding is a success.  We are more than happy to help set up larger projects at your wedding with your own décor, centerpieces, D.I.Y. projects and more, however, please understand that we will need to bring extra staff in order to get everything done. In order to make sure we have enough staff to do our normal day of coordination as well as set up your larger projects, extra assistants and possibly renting u-hauls for transportation needs to be discussed weeks in advance. Renting transportation is based on local pricing. 

What is the 10% Production Fee: Currently waived in all packages or the Pandemic

This production fee is added to any vendors EED has a hand in producing and directing. Tenting, rentals, lounge furniture, coordinating hotels & management of any vendors. Our time and devotion to each small detail is just as important to us as the big details, and we spend countless hours making sure every one is in place, every layout is perfected, every vendor order is exact and this is what the production fee covers. Items like your dress, makeup and personal items are not part of this fee. The flat fee is for planning & design time, full staff & your planner’s day of (or days in advance of) management as well as unlimited meetings-emails-phone calls.


Many planners ask for a 10% - 30%+ of your total budget spent, and we do not feel this is fair which it is why we add only an 10% production fee with only vendors/venues we are helping to produce.The production fee ensures our time is valued properly because as you will see, we work extremely hard for you. 


Hours, Contact & Location


EED is closed and does not check email or phone calls on Sundays & Mondays, as well as Friday & Saturdays on event weekends. Appointments should be made two weeks in advance.  The best way to reach us is by emailing hello@eedevents.com


Out-of-Town Weddings

Destination Weddings:  Travel & hotel expenses for your planner for a site visit will be added to final invoice. For the weekend of your event, a $100 per diem travel expense as well as travel & hotel expenses will be added to your final invoice. The number of assistants needed will be discussed prior. We highly recommend booking an Lady in Waiting for the day of your event to come along.

Weddings 1 hour outside Baltimore: Hotel accommodations for planner & assistant for two nights (rehearsal & wedding night) will be added to final invoice. 



Holiday weeks including New Year’s Eve, Thanksgiving Week, Christmas week, Easter weekend & Fourth of July require a $4,000 minimum.


EED & Charities

EED donates a % of each wedding to a local non-kill animal shelter. At the end of every year, we use those saved funds to purchase countless bags off of the shelter’s wish list and deliver it to them. This is one of our favorite times of the year! We also donate to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and the ASPCA on a monthly-giving basis





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