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The Ballroom Wedding: $1,800.00

 The Tented Wedding: $2,000.00



The Ballroom Wedding: $2,800.00

 The Tented Wedding: $3,000.00

•    Your Planner sends you a cheat-sheet for creating your timeline, what you need to include, tips for preparation & more 6 weeks in advance of your date. 

•    The Couple and Planner meet the week of or week before the wedding to go over layout, timeline, décor, and all things “wedding day.” Please note, you create your layouts and timeline and give to us as this is not included in Week of Coordination. It also  does not include help on missing items or “where to find’s.” It is truly a takeover the day of for the wedding you have created. 

•    Arrive day of the wedding to begin set up and oversee all production to ensure all vendors set up to your floor plans, schedule and details. This also includes being on site for breakdown if needed.  

•    Attend and supervise or run (depending on the Officiant) rehearsal of wedding ceremony. 

•    Distribute and pin-on flowers to all wedding party and extended family.

•    Laying out escort cards, menus, signage and all décor items of the Bride & Groom. 

•    Handle any emergencies that come about to the best of our ability.

•    Coordination of the ceremony: Getting the Wedding Party lined up. Cueing wedding party for processional. Cueing the music. Opening/Closing the doors.

•    Keeping the bridal party and vendors on *your* timeline and no one else’s. Some venues like to do things their way, we do things your way. We ensure everything stays on the schedule, layout and vision you developed and we discussed. We ensure the timeline is followed to your plan and/or make executive decisions when unexpected occurrences happen. 

•    Line up bridal party in order for introductions and cueing musician/dj that we are ready to go. 

•    Directing guests to cocktail hour, reception, etc. 

•    Assist guests and wedding party as needed. Making sure that you and your family are comfortable and have all the attention and service you need while getting ready for the big day.

•    Keeping the photographer and videographer up-to-date on what events are happening next to ensure they capture it. 

•    Keeping the Toasters and anyone involved in the wedding timeline well aware of when they will be speaking in advance 

•    Plan B’s (i.e. rain plan) assistance during the event. 

•    Act as your behind-the-scenes manager with your venue and vendors ensuring the day is ran how you anticipated. 

•    Supervision of reception events, such as showing couples how to cut the cake, throw the garter/bouquet and ease couple into dancing so that each event flows smoothly. The coordinator will adhere to the schedule as time permits and alert couple of upcoming events so that the couple may relax and enjoy the wedding. If you want to push back an event, or move one up, we revise the timeline with all participating vendors on site to make this happen and make it a smooth change. 

•    End of night: Collect personal items (cake knife, presents, cards, leftover food, alcohol, cake, cake top, personal belongings) for the bride and groom and be sure these items get to the right car/person. 

•    Distribution of final balance and gratuities to vendors on your behalf.

•    Oversee strike of venue.

•    The best "Day-of" Emergency kit you will ever see (not kidding!).

•    Meet 4-5 weeks prior to wedding date and go over all details. Here we can help you tie up any loose ends and offer any etiquette advice needed.  We go over the timeline necessities and bring awareness to things missing, things you have yet to think about or mistakes along the way. We look at your layout and offer ideas, if wanted, to make things work a little better. We hear your idea and vision for the day so we can help you bring the rest of the planning together. 

•    Production of Master Timeline Wedding Packet which includes a timeline for each vendor, the wedding party, all layouts for plan A and plan B’s, vendor lists, directions to the venue, and more. Our Wedding Packets are copyrighted and take about 40+ working hours to produce and are tweaked weekly with new changes. This is based off the meeting we have and the couple’s planning. 

•    Attend final walk-through with client to ensure everything has been thought of and to become more familiar with the flow of the day, the space and of course, you!  

•    Act as a liaison and contact between bride and vendors from the timeline meeting through the last dance and confirm all details and arrival times for vendors as well as unlimited contact until the big day!

•    All Week of Coordination services